FuRui Textile    Production and sales of textile fabrics
  • FuRui Textile
    Main TPU composite fabrics, coated fabrics, all kinds of functional fabrics, outdoor sports fabrics, leisure fabrics, fashion fabrics, as well as knitted fabrics.
  • Customer Reputation
    Through unremitting efforts, won the unanimous trust and praise of customers at home and abroad, willing to cooperate with the majority of new and old customers in good faith, work together to create a better future!
  • Fast-dry series fabric
    Fast-dry fabric simply get its name as it become dry in quick speed.instead of taking in swear,it swiftly convey them to the surface of clothes
  • Mountain jacket &ski series fabric
    Mountain jacket(windproof jacket),wore when people climb mountains.skiwear wore when people skiing.the materials they use are similar or the same
  • Functional waterproof and breathable fabric
    The thickness between 0.015 mm to 0.025 mm TPU film using special process has excellent waterproof and moisture permeable performance